Christmas Poem

by allanGEE

'Twas right around Christmas, and at the North Pole

Santa and reindeer were ready to roll.
But the presents and sleigh were still stored away
'Cause something much different would happen that day.
There side by side they lined up in their place
For the North Pole's first-ever motocross race.
The track was prepared and lookin' quite nice,
A challenging mix of dirt, snow, and ice.
With a roar they all started, for position they fought
When Santa revved hard to make the ho-ho-ho-holeshot.
At the very first jump, Blitzen got into trouble
(He did a great single, but the jump was a double).
Then they took the next turn -- well, all except Donder...
He went straight ahead and crashed way out yonder.
Santa scrubbed the next jump and pulled out ahead,
Vixen tried too, but endo'd instead.
Then down-shifting once, the rest hit the next curve;
Dasher leaned hard, but started to swerve.
Then he over-corrected, hit the throttle AND brakes...
Dasher's now "Crasher" and every part aches.
Dancer and Prancer tried to take second and third
But Santa shot roost and their vision was blurred.
They first hit each other, and then hit the dirt,
Out of the race, both of them hurt.
Then Comet and Cupid followed old Nick
Into the whoops, but a little too quick.
Comet bounced high, Cupid hit low,
Both ended up neck-deep in the snow.

Santa was the winner, of that there's no doubt
And as he blew past the finish we all heard him shout,
"If you want a Christmas present, just sit on my knee.
If you want to come in second, just follow me!"

Just a reminder that this is copyrighted. You're welcome to link to it, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't steal it. Thanks, and take care!