Dirt Bike Chain Tips
.The top tip for your dirt bike chain? Don’t ignore it. Think about all strain it takes and, if that doesn’t help you maintain it, think about how much a new one costs.
Keep the dirt off and the lube in. After every day of riding, place a rag in the palm of your hand, grab the chain with it, the spin the back tire with the other hand to pull the chain through the rag.

A dry chain is a happy chain. If you’ve been riding in wet conditions or just hosed off your dirt bike, dry the chain off and apply some lube. I always take it for a quick spin right away to work the lube in and the water out.

Check the tension, often. The rule of thumb is about 3/4-inch free play.

Check your manual and adjust the chain the way they tell you – most often with the swing arm horizontal. Then set your bike on the stand, kickstand or leaning against your truck -- the way you’ll usually find it between rides – find a convenient measuring spot (for example, one thumb width between the chain and swing arm, right under that sticker). That way you can quickly check between rides.

Make sure you still have the lock nuts on the tension adjusters.

When you spray on the lube, apply it to the INSIDE of the chain. As you ride, centrifugal force will pull the lube into the chain. I put the bike up on a stand, turn the back tire with one hand, and spray the inside of the chain as it slides by.

Colored chain lubes make it a lot easier to see how much you put on, and where you did or didn’t get it.

Whenever time allows, I clean off the chain and lube it AFTER all my riding is done. One, it helps reduce the amount of moisture and rust in the chain and, two, it’s one less thing I have to do when I’m in the mood to ride.