Motocross Dirt Bike Riding Position

It can be argued that your body position while riding is the most important thing to get correct.

Most of us think of dirt bikes as bicycles with engines – and we end up sitting down for most of the ride – stand up!

Stand up, and your legs act like shock absorbers over rough ground.

Stand up, and you’ll be able to handle rougher terrain, at faster speeds, with more control.

Stand up, and keep your feet centered on the pegs for better control of your foot levers. Yes, you CAN shift while standing up.

Stand up, and use your knees to grip the bike on the tank. Keep your knees slightly bent for comfort and to absorb bumps.

Stand up, with your elbows up and forward.

Stand up, bent at the waist, head over the handlebars, butt over the seat.

Stand up, as much as you can. Sit down if you get tired, but then get back up as soon as you can. The more you stand, the longer you’ll be able to do it.

Stand up and stay loose. If you’re tense, you’ll tire out faster. At the risk of over-simplifying… instead of trying to force the bike to go somewhere, let it bounce where it wants to while gently and consistently correcting.

There are times when you do want to sit down, turns for example.

Practice keeping one or two fingers on the clutch and front brake.