Dirt Bike Suspension -- Rear Shock
Adjusting the rear shock on your dirt bike is just as easy as the front shocks. Easy enough that you may start adjusting them before every ride to match your latest terrain or newest motocross track.

Once again, remember to record your initial settings so you can revert back to them if your adjustments get all messed up. And, once again, make one small change at a time.

Start with the high-speed compression adjuster. This affects how quickly or how slowly the shock works during compression. Using an open ended wrench, turn the nut clockwise or anti-clockwise to make changes. Softening the high-speed compression can help make the bike ride more smoothly over rough terrain.

The low-speed compression adjuster can be turned clockwise to make the overall feel of the shock firmer. Or, turn it counterclockwise for a softer feel. Your preferred settings will depend on what style of riding you have. Softer settings are good for those relaxed, family dirt bike rides… a medium setting for trails… and hardened up if you’re hitting doubles and triples at the motocross track. Just like your front forks – a full hard setting will wreck your shock, so keep it a few clicks short of all the way down.

Now look for the rebound adjuster at the bottom of the shock, under the swingarm. This works pretty much like the rebound clickers on the front forks – controlling the speed at which the shock returns to its extended position after being compressed.

Turning the rebound adjuster clockwise will keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground over smoother terrain with a less harsh ride. Counterclockwise adjustments will keep the rear wheel on the ground when riding at speed over sharp, rough terrain.