Motocross Jumps And Dirt Bike Riding

Whether you’re trying to nail a triple in a motocross competition, or jumping a boulder on the trail, jumping a dirt bike is an important skill – and fun when it’s done correctly.

Start small. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in jump – air wheelies, going sideways, mid-air somersaults, missing the landing – and if you’re going to goof, it’s better to do it close to the ground.

As non-logical as it sounds, the best way to approach a jump is almost always in a standing position. Click here for more about standing.

Pick the line BEFORE you jump – it’s really tough to change directions once you’re in the air.

On the trail, most jumps are small and you’ll take them as they come, but if you’re messing around the gravel pit, trying out the local track, or grabbing air over driveways while ditch banging, check out the jump first. Ride over it slowly or at least next to it. Rehearse your approach, jump, and landing in your head.

An even throttle as you start the jump should give you the right arc for a good landing.

Increasing throttle while starting the jump can lift the front wheel.

Decreasing throttle while starting the jump can drop the front wheel.

If the front wheel lifts, pull in the clutch, tap the rear brake, and lean forward.

If the front wheel starts to dive, accelerate – the bike will want to spin in the opposite direction of the rear tire, so you may get the front wheel up again.

If the bike starts to go sideways (crossing it up), keep your body lined up with the bike and accelerate on the landing – if you’re lucky you’ll be able to correct once you land… if not, your friends will love showing you the video.

Practice jumps in your head, until the steps become second nature. Then practice what you’re going to do if the jump goes bad. Halfway through a bad jump is a bad time to pull out a textbook and review proper procedure and corrective measures.