How To Do Wheelies On A Dirt Bike

Wheelies on a dirt bike are for more than just showing off – getting that front wheel off the ground can be a vital skill out on the trail.

If it feels like you’re about to end up on your back staring at the sky, tap the rear brake to bring front back down.

Stand up wheelies look great and will make you a versatile trail rider, but master them sitting down first.

Rely on the throttle and clutch to get you up. Hauling back on the handlebars is a good way to get BOTH wheels pointing at the sky, if you know what I mean.

Start out in the throttle mid-range and you’ll have a little more control than trying do a wheelie from an idle throttle. Once you get the hang of it, then you can start getting the wheel up at any speed.

Remember, your dirt bike wasn’t designed to roll along with one wheel in the air – so be prepared to practice… a lot.