Dirt Bike Paper Model

We all spend a lot of time surfing the Internet for motocross and dirt bike information, and sometimes that kind of looking can turn up some interesting things.

For example, I found this great file with a paper model of a dirt bike. You just print the file, cut out the pieces and assemble. I imagine a decent graphics program would let you alter the colors.

Anyway, if you can never get enough of all things dirt bike, or you're looking for something to do until the next motocross event comes to town, give this a try.

Once you click on the link, look for the "Click Here To Download" on the left hand side, kind of near the top. It may take a few seconds to come up on some computers, but hey, it's a free service!

Download Parts01 now!

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Download Assembly01 now!

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Download Assembly03 now!

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